Lovers of Pleasure

Pleasure is such a wonderful experience. It’s the reason we do most of the things we do.

It’s a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment. Pleasure makes us feel so good that we often pursue it with everything with have. Its often what we hold on to, to get away from the emptiness, pain, gloom, depression and sadness we sometimes face in life.

It is enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking, gratification or satisfaction.

Honestly, Pleasure is a good feeling.

But there is a means and route to get there and to mention a few – dancing, achievements, time out with Friends, promotion at work, success, food, music, spending an afternoon talking with your teenage kid;  and then there is partying, drugs, alcohol, sex, adultery, and so on. The list is endless.

This short list probably shows a few things…. Continue reading

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RCCG 2017 Fasting Dates and Prayer points

The Redeemed Christian Church of God 2017 annual Fasting / waiting on the Lord,  begins on the 11th January 2017 for 40 days till Feb 19th. 2017.

The daily fast end By 6pm each day.

For those who want to do the Long term fast – this should be done for 20 days only

The Prayer points for the fasting period  are…

1. Intense praise for all God has done for us
2. Pray that God will give us grace to please Him in every way possible this year. In soul winning, tithes and offering, honouring him with our first fruits, following up (on those who have given their lives to Jesus to ensure they stand), house fellowship, church attendance, grace to please him. And also Gods grace for us to Live holy
3. Pray that God will show himself mighty on our behalf.

A word from God….
Most of our testimonies this year will be of hopeless cases turned around.

God bless you as you fast and pray. May God touch you anew and take you to new heights of Glory in Jesus Name.

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THE AIREGINAN DREAM… It’s free on Kindle for the next 3 days

Front_Cover Web PageMy Novel …The Aireginan Dream (TAD) can be purchased FREE on Kindle this week from 3rd – 5th June.

This is in celebration of a new hope and great expectation of positive change in view of the new Government.

THE AIREGINAN DREAM is an Audacious story of one man’s successful quest to set his country free from the shackles of evil and corruption.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a truly New Nigeria for us by the grace of God. You can get a Free kindle copy of Now

And You can read a sample chapter …Here

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A Beautiful Wilderness in 2 Lagos Bookshops

Two Bookshops in Lagos now stock A Beautiful Wilderness

1) Quintessence Bookshop (Park View Estate Entrance), Off Gerard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

2) Terra Cuture Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage (Beside DSTV)
Off Ahmadu Bello Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


Father’s Heart Books (Konga’s Online Store with an option to PAY ON Delivery anywhere in Nigeria!).


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Gaining Access to Your Chosen Mentor

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I had my very first manuscript on my desk several years ago and was all ready and fired to go to press when the report from my publishing consultant came back in the post. Needless to say I felt worse than a deflated hot air ballon as I glossed over one page after another page stained with her purple marker.
I had been so certain that was the best piece of work anyone would want to read. A Nigerian proverb rightly says, “You are positive your father’s farm is the largest in the world until you travel wide and understand that what your father has is just a garden.”

Continue reading

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10 Tips To Becoming A Better Writer

Sister ActSister Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg) of the Sister Act 2 fame, said these words to convince one of her talented students to join her choir:
… Rainer Maria Rilke. He’s a fabulous writer. A fellow used to write to him and say: “I want to be a writer. Please read my stuff.” And Rilke says to this guy: “Don’t ask me about being a writer. lf when you wake up in the morning you can think of nothing but writing…then you’re a writer.”I’m gonna say the same thing to you. If you wake up in the mornin’ and you can’t think of anything but singin’ first…then you’re supposed to be a singer.”
If you are reading this then you probably do think about writing often, maybe not every morning but often enough for you to feel a little bit uncomfortable if you are not writing.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About A BEAUTIFUL WILDERNESS

A Beautiful Wilderness (ABW) is Keanu Omira’s Story of redemption. It’s inspirational fiction and is set somewhere between the present and the future. If you have read the book then you probably know that already.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about A Beautiful Wilderness (ABW)….


Early one morning on my way to work, I was stuck in traffic and found myself on the same spot a whole 20 minutes. The time passed very slowly as I found myself drawn to a lame beggar settled beside the  road, all set up for the morning. Several thoughts filled my mind as I watched what must have been his daily routine for many years in the past and probably for many years to come.

Continue reading

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Please join me as I make the rounds of top book related blogs on a Virtual Blog Tour from the 10th -21st November 2014. There will be Author Interviews, Book reviews and Guest Posts. I’m looking forward to it and it promises to be another Golden opportunity to promote my books to a wider readership. Stay Tuned.



November 10        Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

Continue reading

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Twelve Years and a Day

© sherrie smith | Dreamstime Stock PhotosAbigail watched as the Gynaecologist reviewed her case note. His head was bowed but she could still read the sombreness of his countenance. He closed the file and no one needed to tell her that he just closed her case.

He was usually a jovial elderly man, his stock of white hair alluding to his uncommon wisdom, but when he lifted his head, every trace of a smile had disappeared.   Continue reading

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Kobo eBooks Store: An option for Nigerian Readers to Purchase EBooks

Have you tried to purchase an e-book on Amazon and you were thrown off/disappointed when you saw that:

This title is not available for customers from your location in Africa…   

Not to worry; KOBO BOOKs (founded in 2009 in Canada) is an option you may wish to consider. It presently has about 4 million titles, so you should be able to find that exciting book you’ve always wanted.

So what do you do? Continue reading

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Review of A Beautiful Wilderness by Ifeanyi Omeni

A Beautiful wilderness is a beautiful adaptation of the biblical story of Nebuchadnezzar with echoes of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  The writer’s eloquent descriptive prowess is revealed throughout the work. It is loaded with suspense, intrigue and humour. It tells the compelling story of Keanu, rich, ruthless, vindictive but with a determination worthy of emulation. His reign of terror seems to continue unabated until the accident which alters the course of his life.

Continue reading

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A Beautiful Wilderness…. The Novel You’ve Been Waiting For

Beautiful Ebook Sml.JPG WEBFinally it’s Ready!  Great Inspirational Fiction and my most exciting book yet. I’m certain you will enjoy it! 


Yesterday, Keanu was a wealthy Private Equity Investor. Today he is trapped in a hellish wilderness longing to re-unite with the wife he once despised. 

As the hand of the clock cycles on and Keanu’s ambitions no longer mean much to him, all he craves for is a chance to unearth what is fast becoming an elusive key to aid his return back home. Will he ever find it?

Please join me on this adventurous Journey into Keanu’s world. Read Chapter One

The Full Story is  AVAILABLE ON….  BUY 

(Both Kindle and paperback versions are available)

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TAILED: KINDLE Edition Now Available

THE past couple of years have been quite an engaging journey as I focused on setting the tone for my future writing and publishing plan. The journey involved switching my publishing platform to enable me negotiate the kind of flexibility required to put my books in the hands of readers.

I’m both surprised and thankful at what I have learnt so far especially from other successful Indie publishers and now I feel ready to bring a stream of Inspirational fiction books to my very patient readers.

TAILEDAs a first Step, TAILED has been reviewed and re-edited for an easier breezy print read and I am also happy to let you know that the KINDLE edition is also available on Amazon.


It’s 1966 and the lovely Ada, toast of her village and pride of her family, looks ahead to a bright future, especially when she falls in love with Alaba, the man of her dreams.

Her only dilemma is that her parents, proud custodians of their Igbo heritage, are unhappy with her choice and strictly forbid her to marry a Yoruba man. But Alaba has captured her heart for good, and Ada adamantly refuses to give him up; even when her mother threatens her with a deadly curse. Continue reading

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The Aireginan Dream: Book Review by Kunle Ajibade

When seers, saints, priests, visionaries and writers set apart a date in their calendars, the dateline is always meant to put a spell on us. Overwhelmed by the intricate web of magical dates, we drape them in clothes of dreams, myths and emotions in order to make them survive….

I started this brief remark talking about the power of dateline nurtured by a strongly desired purpose because the year 2013 is very central to Dupe Olorunjo’s The Aireginan Dream. Continue reading

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A Dangerous Glance (Pt 2)

Dele’s phone rang as he sat at dinner with his family that evening. He picked it up and the code name  for her – EBONY, appeared. The sight of those five letters made his heart quicken and his hands tremble. This must be urgent; he had warned her never to call him at home. Continue reading

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Dele saw her smile at him across the room. He should have looked away but he didn’t. In a split second, he took in her homely beauty, her beautiful figure and the braids she wore ever so elegantly.

He didn’t know her name but became pleasurably aware of her. However he wasn’t going to do anything about it because he was happily married, content and loved his wife dearly. He had been married for ten years and had never once slept with another woman. Continue reading

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Welcome to Dupe’s Online Home

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

I’ve always loved telling stories, some true life, some fiction. However, my passion for story telling found deeper and wider expression the moment I had the opportunity to start putting them down on paper.

Nothing inspires quite like a novel that provides a clear picture of what is or what could be. A genre of writing that I like to call – “Inspirational fiction.” And that is what I write. Continue reading

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