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It’s 1966 and the lovely Ada, toast of her village and pride of her family, looks ahead to a bright future, especially when she falls in love with Alaba, the man of her dreams.

Her only dilemma is that her parents, proud custodians of their Igbo heritage, are unhappy with her choice and strictly forbid her to marry a Yoruba man. But Alaba has captured her heart for good, and Ada adamantly refuses to give him up; even when her mother threatens her with a deadly curse.

The couple ultimately have their way, but, as the years progress, Ada’s life takes an unexpected turn. The fabric of her marriage begins to wear thin; and each of her three children bring her frightful emotional agony.

Life becomes bleak and Ada suddenly discerns that she is being tailed by her mother’s curse. Can Ada find a greater power to break the curse?  READ Chapter One