Writing Tips

I find that the issue of writing fascinates so many people. Every time I bring up the subject of my book, I most often get the same reaction:

I would really love to write but I don’t know where to start from.”
“There is this subject I understand so well and I’m going to start writing soon, very very soon.”
“I feel I have a gift but I just don’t have the time to write.”

I feel the frustration and so I decided to offer some tips that will start you off on the road to becoming an author.

How to Start

  1. You have a subject on your mind that you want to share with others, then just start. Get a notebook, pick up a pen and write. The journey of publishing a book or submitting an article for a newspaper or magazine starts with writing just one word. See? It’s not that hard.
  2. Write today, write tomorrow and just keep at it until you are through.
  3. Don’t let time be an excuse. Check this out, you will always find time for the things you decide are important to you.
  4. Write only what you are familiar with and passionate about. Readers can always identify what is not authentic. To make sure your writings are real:
    • Read similar books.
    • Research topics you don’t have enough information on
    • Visit towns that will be the setting of your books
    • Talk with someone that has an experience that is rich enough to share
  5. Read what you have written over and over again. Make changes, improve the grammar, correct typos, expand, deepen, and contract the story. Take out anything that does not add value.
  6. Have a dictionary and a thesaurus handy; these are always right. Re-confirm facts on trusted sites on the internet.
  7. Let someone else read your book or writings; a professional, an editor, another author, an avid reader of your writing genre.
  8. Never ever turn down criticism. Let it be a ray of light on your writing and review again. If you have an open mind, it can only get better.
  9. Don’t think you have to start with a big fat book. Write a column in a magazine, a contribution for a newspaper, minutes of an office meeting… anything to gain experience and share.
  10. Pray. God is the original source of inspiration.

Here are some Writing Resources